The Ultimate Guide On How To Style Wedge Shoes


Fashion is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

Wedge shoes are among the most common types on the market. Every woman has at least one pair of wedge shoes. And they are considered the footwear of spring and summer. 

Wedge heels are stylish and still yet very valuable footwear that enhances your unique style and height. Additionally, they are one of the comfiest heels because of their durable outsoles and steadfast support. 

The fact that wedges aren’t the most formal high heels available is one of their many beautiful qualities. They go with almost every ensemble and can be dressed up or down.

If you’re wondering how to wear wedges stylishly, Brandzoos has you covered. In this article, we will go over all you need to know about wedge shoes.

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Tips For Styling Wedge Heels Outfits


Wedge shoes are ideal for individuals who are afraid of wearing heels, making you look taller while also being the most comfortable shoes. Furthermore, you can use several strategies to pull off this shoe effortlessly without being so over the top.

  • Know your style – That’s correct! Several wedge shoe types include classic, vintage, and modern styles. You can determine which style will look great on you.
  • Selecting your Height – You must pick your height based on the situation. The basic idea is to use low wedge sandals for a more informal style and high wedge sandals for a more formal/edgy vibe.

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  • Balance is essential – This sort of shoe demands softer materials and silhouettes. Wedges are dominating, yet they might make you look awkward.
  • The shape of the heels is essential – Based on the size of your legs and ankles, you should choose the wedge’s thickness. Chunky wedges look great on you if your legs are thick, while smaller types look nice on thinner legs.
  • Know your feet – Wedges are an excellent alternative for supporting and balancing your feet. But it’s also crucial to understand the form of your feet. Your best chance in terms of style if you have tiny feet will be peep-toe wedges or wedges with adjustable straps. Broad-fit wedge sandals are the best choice if you have wide feet. This is because they’ll help keep them from getting pinched or squished.

Do you still need to decide which design would fit your foot the best? Let’s delve into some ideas to help you create your next outfit with these seductively exquisite shoes and get your creative juices going.

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Five Ways On How To Style Wedge Shoes


For guidance on styling various ensembles with wedge shoes, keep reading. 

You can rock a pair of wedges with;

  • Sundresses
  • Maxi dresses
  • Skirts
  • Jeans
  • Jumpsuits

1. Wedge Shoes With A Sundress

You’ve found your match if you were hunting for the best shoes to go with sundresses. The most summer-friendly piece of clothing you can find might be a sundress. 

Compared to other dresses, they are often short, loose-fitting, and somewhat informal. You’ll need the ideal summer shoe, a wedge sandal, to look your best in a summer dress. 

The correct pair of wedges will make your outfit seem better, whether you’re wearing a pretty flowery dress, a sporty t-shirt dress, or something in between. They make a statement while slimming the legs and flattering them.

2. Wedges With A Maxi Dress


Although they reach the ankle, flowing maxi dresses are a summer must-have, and they look amazing with a pair of shoes. 

It’s also simple to dress up this appearance, making it appropriate for a barbeque, lunch with friends, a picnic in the park, or simply sitting by the pool. 

In fact, whether you’re a visitor, a bridesmaid, or the bride herself, wedge shoes may double as beach wedding footwear.

3. Wedge Shoes With A Skirt

Wedges go with all skirt types, such as lengthy maxi skirts, mid-length flowing skirts, A-line skirts, and form-fitting pencil skirts. Wear an espadrille wedge with a maxi or midi skirt for a laid-back, boho style. 

We advise wearing a slim-fit tee, tank top, or crop top as your top with a button-down shirt knotted in the front.

However, if you want to portray a flirtier aura for a date or night out with your pals, a little skirt would look great with sling-back or closed-heel heels with ankle straps. 

Both designs are available at Brandzoos; ‌they’ll be cozy. For a corporate appearance, opt for a pencil skirt and add a shirt or cardigan on top. Add a little purse, matching jewelry, and a bold lip color to complete the look.

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4. Wedge Shoes With Jeans

Wedge shoes are the best choice if you wear high heels with jeans since other heeled shoe designs cannot blend well with denim. 

Whether you choose boyfriend jeans, flared jeans, boyfriend jeans with rips, or slim jeans, the proper pair of wedge shoes will heighten you by a few inches and seem stylish.

5. Wedge Shoes With A Jumpsuit

Similar to other dresses, jumpsuits and rompers are one-piece clothing options. They are much more versatile than dresses, and the reason is that they include trousers or shorts on the bottom. A jumpsuit is easy to style up or down and may be worn year-round. 

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You can even go to a summer wedding wearing a jumpsuit if you have the appropriate raised shoes. Rompers are often thought of as warm-weather clothing; thus, the best footwear to wear is a platform wedge sandal.

Stylish, Comfy Wedges From Brandzoos


Check out Brandzoos’ extensive collection of women’s heels and wedges. When you explore our selection, you’ll find many shoes that differ in color, texture, and heel height. You won’t have to choose between comfort and style. 

The shoes available in our online store provide comfort via arch support, cushioning, and stability. Our wedges are comfortable to wear all day.

In addition to wedges, we have a wide selection of platforms and flat sandals for ladies, all of which are fashionable, comfortable, and supportive. Brandzoos provides something for everyone, whether looking for everyday professional shoes or elegant footwear.

FAQs On Wedge Shoes

Should I Go For Wedges Or High Heels? 

Wedges are more beautiful and comfy than heels, and they quickly add height and are far more comfortable to wear than heels or stilettos. They also go well with any outfit and offer definition and form to your ankles, making them appear slimmer. But, if you wear ankle strap heels, your ankles will be covered. However, they style them in a certain way to avoid appearing awkward.

What Do Wedges Look Good With?

This classy pair of shoes look lovely with flared dresses or skirts because of the whimsical appearance of the flared bottom and chunky wedges. Wedges look fantastic with short dresses and may be easily styled without sacrificing comfort.

Are Wedge Heels Trending?

Undoubtedly! Wedges are in style for spring, and there are many fashionable types. Also, they are becoming trendy since they provide both fashion and function. 

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