9 Factors To Look Out For When Shopping From A Clothing Store Online


Fashion is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

Speaking of shopping from a clothing store online, almost every Nigerian online shopper can relate to the “what I ordered” vs. “what I got” quandary. Are you familiar with the trending hashtag “#WhatIOrderedVsWhatIGot“?

Oh right! That’s what we are talking about.

Imagine this…. You find a lovely dress in a clothing store online. You order it, wait for 3 to 10 days, and deal with the delivery guy’s many calls asking for instructions. Finally! Your dress shows up. Then, you rip open the package because you are so delighted. 

Sadly, all you see is a huge letdown. It is the wrong material or color and doesn’t fit right. Even the sizing is off! However, this disappointment could have been avoided. Hence, there are many factors to look out for before buying from a clothing store online. 

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Factors To Consider Before Shopping From A Clothing Store Online


So, here are the most important factors to look out for before buying from a clothing store online; 

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1. Research The Clothing


Have you ever gotten the clothes you’ve been admiring and waiting for months, only to discover that they’re made of a fabric you dislike? We know that everyone would experience this once or twice. And it is so disappointing. 

Sometimes, when we fall in love with a dress. As a result, we try as much as possible not to miss it. And we can’t help but click on the checkout button. When that occurs, we often forget to scroll down and look at the dress’s layout.

Additionally, there may be instances where the clothing store online sells gowns that are the same design and color but are made of a different material. So, before clicking the add to cart button, it is crucial to inspect the material properties. You can better predict how the garment will fit and feel on your body by studying the fabric.

2. Identify Your Size


Sizes differ from brand to brand, batch to batch, and country to country. So, when buying in-store, it is simple to determine the correct size, and this is because you can try the clothes on. 

But when buying from an online clothing store, we largely rely on size charts. Therefore, you should be aware of your own physical measurements. Take note of your breasts, waist, and hips in both inches and centimeters. This will help to prevent buying the wrong size. 

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3. Ensure The Clothing Store Online Is Secure


Can you take a look at our website? Do you see a padlock on the left-hand side? That’s right!

A little padlock to the left of the web address bar indicates a secure website. With this, be rest assured that your personal information will never be exposed. However, do not try submitting your detail in a clothing store online if you are unsure of its security. 

Providing your bank or card information while purchasing from a clothing store online is common. But doing so might be disastrous if the website is unsafe. Use PayPal and other reliable payment options, even if you see the padlock.

4. Check For Contact Details


Look through the website before placing your order. Do this to uncover the company’s contact information, such as its on-site address (if any), email address, or phone number. Registered businesses should have clear contact information for clients.  

Even if you don’t have any inquiries or changes to make to your order, it’s safer to know that you can get in touch with the clothing store online.

5. Returns Policy


This is the most crucial thing to remember if you enjoy buying from a clothing store online. Even if you adhere to all the instructions, there is still a risk that you may get disappointed with your purchase. So, before making a purchase, it is always wise to be informed of the return procedures.

Some startups may not give offer money refunds and simple swaps. However, a popular clothing store online offers rebates when you receive the wrong goods. As a result, you should always review each website’s return and exchange policy. Check;

  • Whether returns are free or not
  • How long would it take to return the item?
  • Whether refunds are possible in-store
  • If refunds or shop credits accompany returns

6. Check Out Social Media


There’s no need to spend ten minutes hovering over a company’s most recent tweets before placing an order. Nevertheless, their social media accounts are a valuable indication of this. It will help if you haven’t made a purchase from a clothing store online before. Or if you are unclear whether it’s still operational.

Most marketplaces will have Facebook and Twitter accounts. Also, you can find them on Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. If these profiles are inactive or outdated, the website may be as well. It means you may pay for an order but never receive the goods.

However, some business doesn’t update their social media frequently as they should. If their accounts appear empty, contact them!

7. Know The Payment System


If you are unsure of a website’s credibility or the accepted payment method, do not enter any personal information on it. In fact, the best thing is to hold on if you are unsure about it. The primary mode of payment is a credit/debit card (Visa and MasterCard are the most popular). And as long as you can see the padlock on the site’s URL.

PayPal is another standard method. While it is not available in every clothing store online, it is safer than providing your credit card information. Also, it is most shoppers’ preferred method of payment.

8. Check For Reviews


Customer reviews are helpful sources of information. The reason is that they provide you with an accurate viewpoint on the item you are researching. To determine whether an item fits true to size or whether you should size up or down, look for comments that include size, fit, and material quality. 

Even though the garment may appear stylish in the image, it may wind up being unflatteringly tight through the breast and loose through the hips or other parts. 

9. Locate A Good Alteration Service Near You


It is always wise to stay prepared in case of necessity. There may be instances when you need to change a piece of new clothing rapidly. Plus, you do not want to go through the time-consuming procedure of returning your clothing. Or there may be a minor flaw in the freshly purchased dress that you can correct by amendments. 

In such a case, it would be beneficial if you knew a reliable seamstress who could mend it for you skillfully and effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best online clothing store?

The best online clothing store as of today is Brandzoos

What is the cheapest site to buy clothes online?

With its numerous range of prices and affordable quality wear, Brandzoos remains the best and cheapest site to buy outfits and other variety of products.

Final Thoughts

Online clothing shopping is now a recognized social norm in the modern world. Customers now have a clothing store online to choose from, and purchases will be delivered to their doors with only a click or tap on a mobile device and a short delay. What a benefit! 

Not only that, but globalization and internet shopping has made it possible for people to buy clothing from all over the world. How much the world has changed due to technological advancements is genuinely unique.

However, if you want to chill with the big boys, shop at I mean, what’s better than quality and affordable items? 

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