Simple Ways To Style Shirt Dress For Ladies


Fashion is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

A shirt dress for ladies is a wardrobe must. Though they appear simple to wear, there are so many ways to style a long shirt dress for ladies that it may be daunting. How to style a shirt dress for ladies begins with the dress itself. But layering and accessories complete the look! 

Of course, choosing the right shoes for the dress is also vital! There is a shirt dress attire for any occasion. It doesn’t matter if you are heading to work, out on a date night, or just doing errands. Today, we will show you different ways to style long shirt dress for ladies. 

So, let’s get to it!

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What Exactly Is A Shirt Dress?


A shirtdress is an item of clothing that looks like a button-down shirt. But a shirt dress for ladies is long enough to be worn as a dress. Short and long shirt dresses include cuffed sleeves, front buttons, a collar, and a breast pocket. And they are available in various designs, patterns, and lengths.

Also, they include a maxi shirtdress, midi, and mini. Some shirt dresses are made of the same fabric as button-down shirts, such as denim or plaid.

In contrast, others are made of more formal or sophisticated materials. So, there is the silk shirt dress for ladies, the Ankara shirt dress for ladies, and others.

In addition, a t-shirt dress is a fantastic and classic garment to wear to work. But how can you style it well to feel comfortable? Do you know how to wear a shirtdress for work or any occasion? It couldn’t be simpler – just toss it on and go. 

However, there is more!

How To Style A Shirt Dress For Ladies


Learn how to wear a shirtwaist dress for ladies.

1. Belt It

The simplest method to squeeze your waist and make a shirt dress more attractive is to belt it up. However, adding a belt is a great way to freshen up the look of the dress. Many alternatives already include a tie waist. Though they merely match the fabric of the garment. 

Not as exciting as, say, adding a great edge belt or something woven and intriguing. Use the belt to freshen up the look of the shirt dress with just one simple item. Adding a belt is one of our favorite tactics for finishing looks and making ensembles more unique.

2. Keep It Simple

Do you know how to wear a shirt dress for ladies? Just keep it simple! While you can wear your shirt dress attire in many ways, shirt dresses can also be worn independently. Choose a colorful patterned or neutral-colored shirt. Each style will stand on its own!

Wear shirt dresses with sandals, glides, classic sneakers, or leather boots. Yes, the shoes will influence whether the shirt dress is styled informally or officially. Also, jewelry! Choose a beautiful necklace or stack many strands and ornaments. Alternatively, make a statement with show-stopping earrings.

Tada! When it comes to easy ways to wear a casual, classic, and sophisticated shirt dress, there’s no stress, no bother, and a whole lotta lovely. But remember to keep your silk shirt dress for ladies looking fresh and stylish.

3. Accessorize It


The appeal of the shirt dress is that it’s put together enough to toss on and go. Brandzoos recommends enhancing the wardrobe essential for summer with must-have accessories such as a summer or bucket hat, tote handbag, sunglasses, and penny loafers for an effortlessly elegant everyday look.

To accentuate your ensemble, add a chunky necklace and leave the top button of your shirtdress undone. Also, add a bracelet or pair of earrings to dress up a plain shirt dress.

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4. Fold The Sleeves

Roll or twist the sleeves to add an athletic, casual, not-trying-too-hard appearance. Plus, you may neatly roll them to produce three-quarter-length sleeves. This is effective on thicker shirt dresses!

Alternatively, you may fold the unfastened sleeves into one gigantic cuff. Then, curl them up over your elbow. Match it with a baseball cap, a straw hat with a broad brim, or a Panama hat, and wear white tennis shoes. 

5. Style It as a Shirt

As a lady, you can style it as a shirt. Well, this works if it falls at least mid-to-upper thigh, like a tunic. When wearing wide-leg or straight-cut jeans, lightly front-tuck it, keeping the back exposed.

Though, a long shirt dress for ladies will look great too! Leave the down buttons undone, if you can Or, you may just wear a tank top beneath. Wear your shirt dress, or tunic with shorts, leggings, or even jeans. Put the top in the front or use a small belt.

Alternately, unbutton your shirt dress entirely and wear it as a thin top layer or jacket with a bodysuit beneath. The stylish appearance goes excellent with trousers, jeans, and shorts! Just add flats, slides, or sandals. You have a choice!

6. Style A Shirt Dress With Heels

If you wish to appear suitable, wear a shirt dress in this manner. This style will make you look elegant. Not just that, if you wear heels, bare legs, and a short, sassy shirt dress, your sense of style will increase.

Ensure your legs look good while it is bare. The reason is that this maxi shirtdress does not look decent with pantyhose. Plus, it’s reasonable to think that this style gets harder as you age. If you think it will work for you, dress it up with a chic purse, high-end shoes, and other upscale accessories.

7. Layer A Shirt Dress Over A Jean

You may layer your shirt dress over other pieces in your closet. Likewise, you can wear it with slacks or shorts. When wearing denim, choose high-waisted, straight-leg, or wide-leg jeans. Then, leave some or all buttons off your shirt dress.

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Any jeans look great over a denim shirt dress. You may either contrast the denim color or match it. In addition, maintain the loose styling with Brandzoos. Or layer a wide shirt dress for ladies with a pair of thinner pants. And match with a couple of vibrant heels and a tiny handbag for a simple day-to-drinks look.

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Of course, you may maintain a professional appearance by wearing a simple, short white shirtdress over a pair of cropped, wide-legged jeans. For a casual Friday at work, add a pair of loafers.

8. Layer A Shirt Dress Over A Dress Pant

It’s simple to match a shirt dress with a classic pair of wider-legged dress trousers, practical footwear, and an outfit. It is outstanding for individuals who want a looser, tunic-like appearance. But there are other ways to wear ladies’ dresses with formal pants too!

A cropped leather dress skirt, a tank tucked in, and a leather shirt dress is also ideal outfit combinations. Also, you may upgrade this outfit from casual to exquisite. Do this by adding a pair of lug-soled shoes, white sneakers, or a beautiful pair of heeled sandals.

Silky satin materials look fantastic for the same shirt dress and dress pants. Combine kitten-heel slingback shoes with a thin-strapped cross-body to complete the ensemble. Try putting your shirt dress over black leggings as a long shirt on chilly days, or add a sprinkling of 90s flair. Layer it with a moto jacket and wear combat boots or heels for an edgy appearance.

9. Wear A Cardigan or Sweater Vest

Here’s additional proof that a shirt dress for ladies is appropriate for all occasions! Above, you learned that you could wear your shirt dress over leggings, tights, or thin jeans. Now, consider adding another layer on top as well.

A chambray shirt dress begs for a cardigan in a neutral or vibrant hue. When coupled with a sweater vest, your shirt dress will steal the show. Roll up your sleeves and pair them with suede shoes. You’re now ready to take the catwalk.

What’s more, choose a pair of cargo and a tight top for a laid-back casual look. Layer over a long, flowy plaid or summery shirt dress and match it with comfortable shoes. You’re all set to go shopping or pick up your children from school!

Final Thoughts

There is never a strict single method to style a shirt dress for ladies. Instead, there are several flexible ways. Shirt dresses can be worn plain, belted, rolled up the sleeves, as a shirt, or tucked into slacks, jeans, shorts, and skirts. Furthermore, you may wear a thicker shirt dress like a jacket. 

And what happens when the weather begins to cool? Dress it up with a cardigan, jeans, moto jacket, or blazer. A shirt dress for ladies is fantastic because they match almost everything – heels, sandals, boots, or sneakers. What are your favorite ways to wear shirts and dresses?

From white shirt dresses to midi and maxi lengths, our selection of women’s shirt dresses offers a style for any occasion. View our selection of corporate and off-duty shirt dress for ladies!

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