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Fashion is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

Every season is all about looking all stylish and cool. For warmer weather, crop tops or peplum tops are ideal, and beautifully frilled peplum tops offer you an elegant appearance. 

In this article, we will unveil the most affordable peplum tops to buy before the year runs out at the best online fashion marketplace popularly known as Brandzoos. Also, we’ll discuss some fashionable ways how to style them. So you can copy an outfit or create your combination.

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Introduction To Peplum Tops


A peplum is a thin strip of cloth that protrudes from the waistband of a dress, skirt, blazer, or shirt. This ruffle shape emphasizes the narrowest section of the waist and blooms out at the hips to create an hourglass body type. To emphasize this appearance, many peplum jackets and skirts also have broad, angular shoulders.

The peplum trend started last year and has only been more well-liked this year. The peplum, a trademark of 1970s style, is still popular today. This season, peplum fits on everything from dresses to shirts, skirts, shorts, and even trousers. It’s crucial to choose a peplum design that flatters your body shape because several variations are available. 

Peplum tops are an excellent method to highlight your hips and emphasize your waist. There are several kinds of peplums, and find out which of these styles best meets your needs in the sections below.

Features Of Peplum Tops For Ladies


One key feature of peplum tops is that they are versatile. The peplum form creates a figure that complements your body type’s curves, and it will suit you perfectly regardless of how tall, short, thin, obese, or moderately built you are. 

If you are going for an ankara peplum, you need to buy the fabric and get a skilled tailor to get the style you want since we have a variety of patterns you’ll like right here. Moreover, ready-made or Ankara peplum tops are made of flexible fabric. They sometimes have button closures, lace trim, and frills. 

Peplum tops are ladies’ go-to option since they serve to accentuate the natural form. It fits all body types well, but Ankara designs are quite distinctive and remarkable. They can be worn to professional events, business meetings, and dinner parties or dates. It may be worn with pencil pants, a wrapper, a short or three-quarter pencil skirt, a long pencil skirt, or a mermaid skirt. 

One may look great in them without exerting too much effort. It suits all body sizes, as was already said. You appear stunning, fashionable, and timeless as soon as you put them on.

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What Body Shape Fits A Peplum Top?

Blue peplum tops for ladies

As stated earlier in this article, peplum tops fit all body types. However, it sits nicely on a Triangular body shape. This is because it will improve the shoulder area while also bringing balance to the body’s overall appearance. Ladies with these body shapes should always wear dark-colored peplum tops with light-colored jackets.

Peplum dresses, skirts, and shirts flatter all figures by emphasizing the waist, but they look perfect on hourglass figures. Choose a peplum that rests perfectly on your waistline or an asymmetric peplum that is longer on the side if you have an athletic body with slim hips.

Some Trendy & Affordable Peplum Tops To Buy From Brandzoos


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Talk about creativity and beauty, a peplum dress makes the cut in all spheres. Visit Brandzoos marketplace to shop your favorite tops at cheaper prices. 

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Tips On How to Wear Peplum Tops


1. On Skinny Jeans And Heels

A peplum shirt looks great with high heels and any color of slim pants. Especially in the summer, it seems quite elegant with light accessories and minimum makeup. So, if you enjoy a formal look, adopt this style.

2. On Palazzo Pants

Ladies often wear palazzos, which are perfect for summer. You may give yourself a more informal appearance by pairing a peplum shirt with palazzos. 

3. On Pencil Skirts

Given that skirts are typically worn with semi-formal or formal attire, pairing a peplum top with a pencil skirt and elegant shoes can make you seem like a style queen.

To add some drama, you can wear some heels and a purse. Also, add a scarf on your neck or the handle of your purse.

4. On Printed Tights

If paired with patterned tights and a necklace, a peplum shirt looks fantastic. It has a remarkable effect, especially in the summer. This design is also suggested for the spring.

5. On Long Skirt And Belt

C’mon, try it on! This is another ideal way of styling peplum tops for the office. Add a belt to make the outfit even more trendy.

6. On Ripped Denim

Why not try ripped denim because it is still relatively in right now? Put on your peplum over torn jeans, then top it off with a denim jacket. A denim look is always appropriate. If you and your friends are going to a party, you can complete the appearance with cheap jewelry and a pair of shoes!

7. On A Pair Of Short

Still, thinking of what to wear to a party? You may look stylish by wearing a patterned peplum shirt with simple shorts! You are now prepared to go on a girl’s day out or a leisurely breakfast!

Bring out your beach-inspired brown shoes and a purse that matches them. You may add some round-framed sunglasses to it as well. You must know the next step now that the accessories are finished.

8. On Cropped Pant

How should a peplum be worn at work? This is the ideal outfit for your workplace, and this style makes you look stylish and casual at the same time.

9. On Denim Short

What could be hotter than this? Distressed denim shorts provide the perfect stylish look you so desire.

10. On Boyfriend Jeans

When worn with distressed jeans, peplum tops may be dressed up for a swagger-worthy appearance.

11. On Capri Jeans

Do you want to look more formal? We have this solution – Capri jeans and a plain peplum top. This match gives you a very classy look. 

12. On Skinny Jeans

Combining a simple or flowery peplum top with thinly stretched jeans is also a distinctive and current look nowadays.

13. Black Peplum Top On Sequin Skirt

Going to a party and trying to decide what to wear with peplum tops? Peplum tops are ideal for parties when paired with sequin skirts.

14. On Navy Pants

Dress up blue pants with a basic peplum to make oneself more noticeable and appealing.

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Are Peplum Tops In Style 2022?

Well, get ready because peplum tops are officially back in style. Don’t worry. Peplums are as cool as ever and right on trend for 2022.

How Can I Make Peplum Tops Look Thinner?

Pair a peplum with the ideal belt – a tight belt draws attention to the waistline, while a more oversized belt accentuates a slimmer waist.

Final Thoughts On Ladies Peplum Tops

Peplum tops make every woman look stylish and even classy. So, dress to dazzle with this timeless ensemble that will have everyone praising your unique sense of taste. Rush to Brandzoos to buy your peplum tops today!

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