Buy And Learn How To Style Palm Slippers


Fashion is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

You probably stumbled upon this article in dire search of where to buy affordable palm slippers online in Nigeria. Well, you are in the right place. There are lots of affordable palm slippers for females and males available online at

Palm slippers for females are an excellent example of a shoe that can be tailored to complement your outfit regularly. There is nothing worse than having too many slides or slippers. Brandzoos is a step away from stylish palm slippers for ladies.

Read this article to see some of the various palm slippers available at Brandzoos and also learn how t easily style them to look perfect in any outfit and for any occasion.

What Are Palm Slippers?


Palms are slip-on shoes that are comfortable and stylish. Because most patterns are in the shape of flip-flops, this footwear should be termed palm flip-flops. They have no back, and that stuff separates your big toe and the rest of your toes. And it does not alter the fact that palms come in various styles like sandals, flip-flops, slippers, etc.

They are generally made by hand from strong leather. And, as previously said, this footwear is more frequent among guys. There are, however, modifications for women.

How To Style Palm Slippers


Let’s start with the fact that leather palms aren’t suitable for formal occasions unless you mean weddings.

Furthermore, unless you work for a firm that doesn’t care about employees’ clothing, you can’t wear them to work regardless of your organization’s dress code. So keep your formal occasions wear and corporate casual clothes for loafers, Oxfords, Chelse boots, and other dress shoes.

Keep your palm slippers away from suits, formal skirts, and button-up shirts. Instead, style them in the following ways; 

1. Jeans And a T-Shirt

Every fashionista wears this as their go-to everyday outfit. And, if you want to nail your denim game, it is essential to know how to style jeans and T-shirts before rocking them with palms.

When next you want to go to the mall, the theater, or any casual occasion, wear this with your palm slippers.

2. Native Attire

A stunning pair of handmade leather palm slippers for females will look fantastic with your Ankara designs. The same goes for your senator, adire, kente, dashiki, kaftan, and other traditional clothing.

Wear your agbada with palms, whether sandals or slippers, to tone it down. The footwear will soften the fashion statement because the clothing already makes one on its own. However, if you choose not to, put on your Agbada with your sneakers, loafers, or even moccasins.

3. Casual Dresses And Jumpsuits

Put on the palm slippers for females and that flowy dress in your closet. How are your bodycon dresses doing? Wear your palms if the event is informal and you want to avoid wearing heels.

They are fashionable and cozy. Also, they go well with rompers and jumpsuits as well.

4. Shorts And Top

Want to avoid wearing your shorts with sneakers? That’s no issue. It goes well with palm slippers. Shorts with a shirt or crop top will always look nice with these slides.

5. Beachwear

Looking for shoes that won’t bring all the sand from the beach home with them? Choose palms. If you don’t want to go barefoot, wear this to the beach.


Palm slippers are a cozy pair of shoes. To move easily and with flair, you must have at least one in your closet. Palms are useful for many kinds of outings, including trips, trips to the shopping, and informal outings.

Remember your accessories to give these wardrobe suggestions for palm slippers even more effect. To suit the minimalism and simplicity of your hands, keep it basic. If you don’t, your leather palms will seem out of place with your clothing.

6. Travel Wears

It is advisable to dress comfortably whether traveling by car or even when traveling to the airport. The best footwear for navigating airport security or baggage claims is a pair of slides. They make it simple for you to go from place to place without worrying about your feet. In addition, it enables a quicker and simpler travel experience.

7. Dressy/Work Outfits

Slides come in both flat and high heels. Mules or slipper heels are fashionable and suitable for almost every occasion, including brunch, date night, and weddings. They are simply ideal. Elegance and comfort are combined in one. 

Heeled Mules would go well with midi and maxi dinner dresses if worn appropriately. You don’t need to bother about tying or fitting your shoes when wearing these mules. This would be ideal for the workplace.

The ideal mules would seem professional while yet fitting with your business attire, like dresses or jeans. For a business environment, sticking with mules in neutral colors or without many decorations or frills would be ideal.

Affordable Palm Slippers For Female

1. Female Transparent Slippers

Price: N4,500 


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2. Toe strap Female Slippers

Price: N4,000


3. Crystal Toe Ring Slippers

Price: N6,000


4. Leather Fancy Slippers

Price: N4,500


5. QUPID Wedge Slippers

Price: N18,000


6. Beautiful Zara Slippers

Price: N12,000


7. Animal Skin Patterned Palm Slippers For Female

Price: N5,500


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Palm Slippers Or Walking Shoes—Which Is Preferable?

Slippers alter the way you walk and injure your bones when you walk in them. And when you walk in the wrong shoes, the skin of your feet won’t get oxygen as it should. It might lead to foot-related medical problems.

Blood circulation declines as the body lose heat, which can cause many common health problems, including the flu and the common cold. Slippers protect your feet, maintaining healthy blood flow and enhancing the body’s ability to fight off disease.

Final Thoughts

We can all agree that a pair of palm slippers for females is the most flexible type of footwear a lady may have. They just blend nicely with any dress and occasion! Whenever you wish to put on a pair of slippers or slides, pro advice is always to keep your toenails painted and groomed.

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