The Complete Guide To Mens Long Sleeve Shirts + Combinations


Fashion is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

How difficult can it be to style mens long sleeve shirts? Ensure you buy the proper size, filter your colors well, and you’re ready to go.

Oh, well, that could be a lot more challenging than it sounds. For this reason, we’ve compiled this list of mens long-sleeve shirts and their combinations. For a bonus, we will answer common questions relating to mens long sleeve shirts. 

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How To Match Mens Long Sleeve Shirts With Ties

How-To-Match-Mens Long-Sleeve-Shirts-With-Ties

1. Mens Long Sleeve Shirts – White 


White is a tone everyone appreciates because of its flexibility and because it goes well with almost any color. The classic tone is clear, sharp, and timeless. When it comes to matching white men’s long sleeve shirts with ties, the possibilities are endless. 

It doesn’t matter the tie you choose. Irrespective of its solid colors, classic stripes, traditional patterns, or new textures, white is the obvious choice for quick and easy combinations.

a. White Shirt / Black Suit Combination


Consider this pairing for a classic edge while wearing a white shirt with a black suit. Most colors complement black and white because they are the fundamental colors. But, monochromatic ties will maintain a polished approach to these color pairings. Experiment with various textured ties for a more dynamic twist on basic black and white.

b. White Shirt / Gray Suit Combination


Since white and gray are more primary colors, add a few splashes of color to liven up this palette. Redder tones may warm up gray suits and white shirts. Thus, it will unify your appearance. Therefore, traditional burgundies and deep oxblood bring a pop of color to gray.

c. White Shirt / Tan Suit Combination


Blue tones are the ideal choice for tan suits and white shirts. So, maintain an open mind when choosing the tone you go for. This is because various colors of blue will enhance the warmth of a tan suit. The warmth of tan will be picked up by powder blue tones, which will also liven up a plain white shirt. 

Navy knitted ties in various patterns, like horizontal stripes, can help spice up your interpretation of neutral suiting.

d. White Shirt / Navy Suit Combination


For the modern male, especially when it comes to professional aesthetics, white and navy have proven to be a seductive color combination. Experiment with patterns like ginghams and tartans that have a similar blue color scheme. As an alternative, choose knitted ties in simple hues like cherry red and grass green for a tidy, timeless interpretation of a blue suit and white shirt. 

2. Mens Long Sleeve Shirts – Blue

Front, Back and Side View

When selecting cool mens long-sleeve shirts, blue is one of the most fantastic colors. First off, it’s different from the traditional white. Yet, it is still formal and conservative. Additionally, blue is fantastic for giving you a deeper tan and warming up the colors of your apparel.

Powder blue is your best bet for a different business classic that pairs well with various tie colors and patterns. Pale blue is an attractive mens long sleeve dress shirts since it generally goes with various complexion tones and hair colors. For a more grounded appearance with powder blue work shirts, use ties in the same color family, such as deeper navies. 

But if you want corporate aesthetics with a twist, choose dark patterned ties. You may as well go with deep red silks or choose a deeper shade of green.

a. Blue Shirts / Gray Suit Combination


You should separate your shirt and tie when wearing gray suits and powder blue shirts. The ideal choice for this outfit is a navy shirt. The reason is that it stands out from a powder blue shirt while belonging to the same color family. So, try wearing knitted ties for a little more texture and silks for more shine. 

Instead, choose pinks and violets to create diversity while staying within the confines of your color scheme.

b. Blue Shirts / Navy Suit Combination


The key to wearing light blue shirts with darker blue suits is to match them up with ties in different designs and patterns. This will enable your tie to stand out rather than simply blend in. Stripes are effective and timeless. But also think about using a darker tartan to complete the ensemble.

Hence, choose bright crimson ties to stand out amid the blues for a foolproof appearance that is difficult to screw up.

c. Blue Shirts / Tan Suit Combination


Staying true to tradition is an excellent way to accentuate a tan suit and a blue shirt. It’s wise to keep things conservative because you’re working with some conflicting tones. Thus, deeper scarlet ties will do this. It will add variety when worn with a blue shirt and tan suit. 

Use patterned ties in traditional colors with a well-tailored beige suit and a blue shirt to look a preppy touch.

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3. Mens Long Sleeve Shirts – Checks


When wearing checks, choose ties with stronger colors and patterns. This will ensure that they pop out against your shirt. Making your tie the statement is the challenge. You may get away with more vibrant prints and patterns with modest print shirts. Remember to distinguish your clothing by wearing a bolder and darker tie than your shirt.

4. Mens Long Sleeve Shirts – Stripe


Plain ties go well with striped shirts. But you could also think about experimenting with striped ties to contrast the pattern on your shirts. The secret to nailing this look is to ensure that the stripes on your shirts and ties are not the same width since you want to emphasize the contrast. 

A narrower striped shirt and a broader striped tie go well together. Additionally, subtler patterns like tiny polka dots can go nicely with striped shirts.

Types of Collars On Mens Long Sleeve Shirts


A shirt’s collar determines its style. Certain collars are more casual, while others are more professional. Many men ignore the collar style, but it is a colossal error. You may select the ideal collar for you by being aware of the look you want to achieve. 

The four most common collar designs are as follows.

1. Straight Point Collar

The most used collar style is the straight-point collar. Although it has an older appearance, it is ideal for men with larger faces. The little front aperture will lengthen your face structure.

With a tie, straight-point collars look their best. You can wear this collar design either formally or casually. But it depends on the shirt fabric you select.

2. Spread Collar

The point collar’s modern replacement is the spread collar. With these collars, you may display broader tie knots like a Windsor. And if your face is small, the spread collar is an excellent choice since it will visibly expand your jaw.

3. Button-Down Collar

These err on the side of more relaxed dress shirts. While a button-down may be worn with a suit and tie, you could layer it with a vest or sweater.

The versatility of a good button-down makes it a must-have for any man. We advise spending money on one that suits you properly. You’ll recoup your investment because you can wear it on Sunday and Friday nights.

4. Band Collar

The most informal choice, band collars, are often seen on chambray or linen shirts. It dates back to when men used to have turndown collars. Now, it’s just a matter of taste. For some, band collars look wonderful worn beneath a jacket and look fantastic on slender men.

FAQs About Mens Long Sleeve Shirts

What Is The Must-Have Color Of Mens Long Sleeve Shirts?

Every man’s wardrobe must include white and blue dress shirts. We advise you to have at least one light color. It could be purple, pink, yellow, or even blue. Additionally, navy and charcoal colors are very flexible and make a man’s wardrobe stand out. 

Can Women Wear Mens Long Sleeve Shirts? 

Yes, a woman can wear a man’s shirt. Some ladies pair a man’s shirt with formal apparel like a sharp suit or a related dress. Others wear them in more fashionable ways.

What Is The Ideal Number Of Dress Shirts For A Man?

The minimum number of dress shirts a guy should have is the number required to last him through a workweek. In fact, you should have twice as much. Thus, if you wear men’s long sleeve dress shirts four times a week, you should have eight of them. Also, don’t be scared to replace any ruined clothes and freshen up your color combinations.

Should You Wear A Shirt Under A Dress Shirt?

Sometimes, wearing a shirt underneath a dress shirt is not compulsory, and you don’t need an undershirt when wearing a buttoned suit. The essential thing to watch out for is that your dress shirt collar has no visible undershirt.


Having gone through all the various styles and combinations of men’s long wears, you can click below to purchase any one you desire at Brandzoos. Keep coming back for more.

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