Latest Turtle Neck Tops: 4 Different Types


Fashion is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

We must admit that turtle neck tops are undoubtedly the best and most popular apparel for casual use. If you agree with this, then you should definitely try to have one or more in your wardrobe.

1….2….3….4… Oh dear…so many of you!

Turtle neck tops are available in various colors, trends, and textures. Yet, we bet not all of you reading this can call a type by its name. Let it be known that not all turtle necks are the same. Several options are available that aren’t uncomfortable or, worse still, irritating or scratchy. Since you’ll wear them all season, buying timeless styles is a wise investment. 

So what are the different turtle neck tops? In this article, we will examine the kinds of turtle neck dresses that have evolved over the years. 

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What Are Turtle Neck Tops?


A turtle neck is a high collar covering most of your neck even when folded over. A turtle neck is a knit blouse or sweater with this type of collar. Since its inception, the turtle neck tops have served as a protection. It can work physically, symbolically, or both at the same time. But this depends on the environment where you wear it.  

Back in the day, turtle neck tops were practical, and they were worn beneath chainmail by knights in medieval Europe to prevent neck abrasions. It remained utilitarian throughout the 1800s. Then, its production was for factory workers and athletes—roles almost filled by males.

There are several names for turtlenecks. They include classic, polo neck, funnel, knit, and many more. This well-fitted garment is a sweater with a high-rolled collar that covers some or most of your neck. However, the user may fold up the high-collar according to his taste. 

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Latest Types Of Turtleneck Tops

1. Classic Turtle Neck Tops


Classic turtle neck tops are often body-fitting with a small, slim neckline. You can wear them with various apparel items. Such items include tights, jeans, and skirts. This adaptable sweater has played an essential part in raising the fashion game over time. 

In the colder months, wear a turtleneck underneath a dress. This is a great outfit for a casual outing on a frigid winter day. Also, you can go for a thin turtleneck if you don’t want to look bigger.  

Turtle neck tops are often basic in design. You may add some glamour with a tiny scarf as an accent. Tie a gorgeous silk scarf around your turtleneck sweater to up your look. In addition, you could wear a checkered or striped jacket to look more attractive. This is an excellent choice for any semi-formal or formal event. 

Don’t be afraid to add extra layers to your attire. A dress over your turtleneck or a light shirt beneath may completely transform your look. Keep in mind that the more, the merrier! For an avant-garde look, pair your turtleneck with a hefty necklace or whimsical earrings. Choose a cashmere turtleneck with stylish shoes and a belt bag for a more informal and young look.

2. Funnel Turtle Neck Tops


If you don’t like turtle neck tops extending up to your ears, the funnel turtleneck is the best option. This turtleneck, often known as the mock turtleneck, comes midway up your neck. Funnel turtle neck tops don’t cover the top of the neck as classic does. 

These kinds are available in various fabrics. Some, like merino wool, have thick, hefty textures, but others, like cashmere, are paper-thin. The mock collar gives off a refined image regardless of whatever texture you pick for this sweater. There are several ways to wear this sophisticated funnel neck design. 

To begin, choose a basic mock neck sweater in a dark color such as black. Combine it with a crepe suede skirt for a more feminine look. Wear stylish heels to complete this stunning look. A mock turtleneck with boyfriend jeans is the ideal mix for daily wear. 

Tuck the dress in and accessorize with a leather belt. By wearing white sneakers, you can keep the look smooth and relaxed. On the other hand, a colorful layered dress is excellent if you wish to be more fun and adventurous with your style. Wear a brightly colored faux top over a chambray shirt. 

Allow the collar and sleeves of your shirt to come out from beneath your dress to create a layered effect. Combine this with complementary colored pants and your favorite sneakers to complete the outfit! You may also express your wild side by donning a bright yellow or orange funnel turtleneck. Pair it with cropped jeans, and you’re ready to go.

3. Knit Turtle Neck Tops


Knit is one of the latest turtle neck tops. It’s sometimes called Wool-knit. Given how thick and large a turtleneck usually is, it is typically worn as a standalone item. However, body-fitting knit turtlenecks are available. Most fashion-conscious shoppers love oversized turtlenecks with long, floppy sleeves. 

Cold season is the perfect time to wear knit sweaters. This is because they keep you warm and comfortable. This cozy sweater comes in a ton of different looks. Throw a knitted turtleneck sweater over a long, button-down tunic or a knee-length skirt. Make sure the colors you chose are appropriate for the chilly season.

When it’s not too cold outside in the fall, you can think about wearing a loose-fitting knit turtleneck with blue shorts. Another option is to wear textured pants with a creamy knit sweater with a design. Then, tuck the shirt in for a more elegant appearance.

In addition, knitted turtleneck tops come in different sizes, colors, designs, and textures. So, choose your overall outfit while trying to meet your fashion objectives. For example, go with a light knit turtleneck and add a jacket, cardigan, or blazer on top. Add elegant pants, faded jeans, or black leggings to this ensemble to complete it.

4. Lace Turtle Neck Tops


The latest turtle neck tops typically lean toward the more casual end of the fashion spectrum. As a norm, you wear it when going for casual dates. But what if we tell you that you can style lace turtle neck tops to fancy events? Don’t believe us?

You normally only consider wearing a turtleneck when going out for a casual meal or gathering. What if we informed you that turtlenecks might also be worn on formal occasions? Don’t trust us? 

A flashy lace turtleneck is a great way to enter a cocktail party. Just buy a nice turtleneck shirt or turtleneck dress and make sure the lace is draped. Lace turtle neck tops are a smart choice if you want to rock a sophisticated look.

So, think about wearing such an outfit on your date night or any special occasion. This is because it exudes a dreamy and romantic vibe. Choose turtleneck shirts with sheer lace if you want the look to have a hint of eroticism.

Lace is another garment that you can style. Choose a light-colored lace turtleneck with full sleeves and combine it with a dark-colored velvet jumpsuit. It won’t just be fashionable; it is also the right fit for cold weather. What is superior to that? In one bundle, comfort and style!

Lace has feminine touch, but you can tone it down a bit. Wear it with masculine accessories and clothing like suits and blazers. Styling a lace turtleneck under a jacket with tuxedo-inspo is a cute example.

How To Style Turtle Neck Tops


1. Keep an eye on your proportions. This is crucial to pulling off any look, especially regarding a simple, classic piece like the turtleneck.

2. Choose a style. Turtlenecks come in various styles: elegant modern, supermodel-era 90s, and vintage. Try not to wear one dress for everything. Choose the mood and look you want to convey and stick mostly to that category.

For instance, if you want to wear a turtleneck beneath a shirt and jacket (think 90s supermodel look), avoid wearing futuristic design shoes with them. But you can do this if you are a very experienced fashionist or an adventurous dresser. Avoid mixing categories until you have perfected your style.

3. Don’t be scared to combine oversized and fitted clothing. A fitted turtleneck looks fantastic with wide-leg pants or jeans. At the same time, an oversized turtleneck looks terrific with a miniskirt. In 2022, unless you have a big piece like an oversized jacket or coat, we advise against wearing two fitted pieces together, such as a skin-tight turtleneck with skin-tight trousers.

Final Thoughts

Have you grown even more fascinated with turtle neck tops? Understandable! Being fashionable is easy now that you know the different types of your new favorite fashion items, turtle neck tops. So, dive in and experiment with layering and color combinations to see what works for you. 

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