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Fashion is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

Looking for the latest clothes and shoes in Nigeria? Prints and voluminous designs like puff sleeve dresses, hoodies, and pantsuits have taken the fashion world by storm and are currently available on Brandzoos – The number one online fashion marketplace.

Also, shoes like kitten heels, sandals, and wedges are now trendy. Accessories get in the fun as well. Let’s remember wide platforms, longer straps, and many more styles. 

Top Latest Clothes And Shoes In Nigeria

Latest Clothes And Shoes

This 2023 has shown brighter and fresher designs compared to the muted styles of the 2022 fashion trends, partly motivated by a yearning to resurrect life following the dreary worldwide shutdown.

The latest clothes and shoes in Nigeria are oversized jackets, elegant face masks, joy-inspiring feathers, monotone fashionable accessories, and prodding us to be loud and flamboyant.

With one significant exception, the present trends closely mirror the 90s fashion trends in terms of emulating the forms and patterns of previous decades.

Professionals say the reimagining of classic designs in untraditional, large, and vibrant colors is a result of “our urge to counteract the Covid-19 lockdown dullness.”

This is the case since all these looks share specific components except their crazy-bold colors. These include straps, mid-section belts, vests, cozy maxi tops, pilgrim collars, micro-minis, bizarre new jeans shapes, crazy leggings, comical seems, and hoodies.

Here are the latest clothes and shoes in Nigeria that you should attempt without further ado!


1. Hoodies

The ever-so-comfy hoodie is on our list of the latest clothes and shoes in Nigeria. This is because it is on the current fashion trends but styled uniquely. Whatever the case, fashionistas wear hoodies crazily these days. Pairing a blazer with a hoodie has transcended street style and entered the mainstream.

Your appearance is given another degree of style when your quarantine-staple sweatshirt is layered over a jacket. You can purchase thinner hoodies to pair with more fitted blazers. So you can never goof it up, but it works great with large, boxy blazers.

Look for a tapered, thin hoodie preferably a darker color and solid, with no embroidery or designs. Put it on with a deep, reliable blazer. Depending on the event, either slacks or denim will be appropriate.

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2. Boubous

In every mall in Lagos, at least one or two women are sporting boubous. Indeed! The majority of women wear boubous throughout the first half of the year. And since they are versatile, fashionable, and oh-so-comfy, we are confident that this trend will continue until the end of the year and maybe forever. Hence, boubous is among the latest clothes and shoes in Nigeria.

3. Pantsuit

Pantsuits are no longer considered to be “old school.” Fashion designers nowadays have made suits a must-have item in the closet of any fashionable lady by producing stunning looks with various fabrics that make them appropriate for all weather situations. This year, Nigerian ladies have been killing it in pantsuits.

4. Cropped Cardigans

A cropped cardigan best represents modern fashion trends nowadays. High-end retailers like Alessandra Rich and LoveShackFancy started the trend, which fast fashion retailers like Zara, Forever 21, and others swiftly emulated.

Whatever the case, pairing your favorite jeans with a slim knit is ideal if putting together a gorgeous look right now feels too much to manage. There is very much something for everyone, from simple button-ups to knits with embroidery, embellishment, or printing.

When you need an additional layer, pair these shrunken knits with slip skirts and a leather jacket. Of course, a cropped cardigan also looks fantastic with jeans and boots. But any way you wear it, you’ll undoubtedly feel cozy all day.

Combine your cropped cardigans with midi skirts or lounge-like sweatpants for an extra adorable appearance.

5. Turtle Necks

That’s right! Turtle neck tops are in style. A turtleneck top has a short, round collar that snugly encircles your neck. This cloth was an eye-opener for most fashion-inclined people. One could wear the fabric with anything – shorts, a suit, a coat, a hat, and many more. Also, turtlenecks are most suitable for any weather condition. 

We curated a detailed review of turtle necks in one of our articles. Continue reading to discover the types and qualities of each.

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6. Adire

This exquisitely patterned Kampala (Tie and Dye) comes from Abeokuta, the center of excellence for Nigerian tie and dye. It is appropriate for all situations and may be used to sew any popular fashion.


It is long-lasting, non-fading, and fits both men and women. This year, we want to see more of it.

7. Prints

Even while animal patterns aren’t a new trend, they are nonetheless widespread and constantly changing. We are exchanging zebra, tiger, and zebra- and snakeskin patterns for Ankara prints for 2022.

8. Oversized Shirts And Exaggerated Sleeves

In 2022, the puff sleeve and significant shirt trends are still big. Wear that huge T-shirt you’ve had your eye on, pair it with some shorts and shoes, and feel good about the long sleeves.

9. Maxi Dress

One of women’s most adaptable clothing options has always been the maxi dress design. Are they leaving on a sunny evening? – Put it on, put on your sandals, and go. Attending a wedding, perhaps? – Add some bling and heels to dress it up.

The maxis of 2021 are brighter, shinier, and joyful, imbued with vibrant colors and loudness. They are sometimes referred to as “baby or blanket dresses” since they completely cover the legs and may be worn while lounging on the sofa.

It is best to go bigger and bolder since the combination of clashing designs and wide tulle makes everything appear brighter.

So many colors go well together, and color blocking is used in some of our favorite influencer and celebrity looks. Add a little flash of color with a striking shoe or hat to liven up the neutrals.

10. Platform Shoes

Platform shoes are hot for 2022, with everything from sky-high heels to platforms, ankle-strap heels, boots, and even clogs and crocs. Give your micro-heels a vacation now because thick soles are all the rage in 2022.

11. Wedge Shoes

In as much as wedge shoes were in style in the olden days, they made it to our list of the latest clothes and shoes in Nigeria. Nowadays, wedge shoes come in different kinds of shoes. They are platform wedges, ankle strap wedges, ankle boots, lace wedges, and many more. What’s more? They match so many outfits as long as you pair them well. 

What Should I wear In Nigeria?

With the exception that shorts and t-shirts may be frowned upon in Muslim regions (particularly the coast), casual clothing is acceptable in Nigeria. It’s hot throughout the day, so bring light layers made of natural materials like linen, cotton, and bamboo that keep you cool and are simpler to wash and dry.

What Kind Of Jeans Are In Style 2022?

The three most common fits are straight-leg jeans, mom jeans, and flare jeans. However, the three trendiest jean styles in the United States are cargo jeans, baggy jeans, and bootcut jeans.

How Can A Woman Look Rich And Classy?

Always dress in clean, recently pressed clothing free of threads, tears, stains, and fading. Always stay classy; black, white, and navy may give you an upscale appearance. For an added aesthetic appeal, accessorize your attire with a variety of items, and these may include a few bracelets and a pair of sunglasses.

Each of the latest clothes and shoes in Nigeria has a certain charm of its own. Therefore, select a look that best suits your personality. 

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