10 Reliable High Heel Hacks For Comfortability


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Looking for the best high heel hacks? Everyone adores wearing high heels, which require real work and discomfort. Yet it has the mysterious power to give anybody a sense of self-assurance, seductiveness, and flair. 

Wearing heels may be uncomfortable, thereby causing painful feet and blisters. However, hold on to them, for we have the perfect high heel hacks for you!

Before then, you’d love to read the Ultimate guide to heel shoes for ladies.

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The Top 10 High Heel Hacks  


Below are the heel hacks that will help you enhance comfort.

1. Determine Your Shoe Size

Have you heard that 75% of women wear the wrong shoe size? According to research by the College of Podiatry in 2017, almost half of British women wear the wrong size of footwear. 

Standard sizes are designed for “normal” feet, but what are standard feet? We know that feet vary in shape and size, and these typical sizes may be tight or too broad for certain ladies. This is why you should measure your foot to determine your shoe size because your heels can only be comfy if they fit correctly.

2. Tape Your Toes

This is one of the weird high heel hacks. Taping your toes together will avoid aches while on heels. This works like magic! You should be able to run a marathon in your heels by tapping your “ring” and middle toes (third and fourth toes). Maybe a marathon is an overkill, but do you get the drift?

So how effective is taping your toes to make heels more comfortable? This is because it relieves pressure on the nerve that causes heel discomfort.

3. Get Rid Of Some Height

Don’t freak out if you become obsessed with a pair of shoes. However, note that the 5-inch stiletto will unleash hell on your feet. Shoe repair firms should be able to reduce the height of your heels, and they may even cut out one inch to make them more comfortable. But it depends on the type of shoe.

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4. Use Anti-Blister Sticks or Deodorant

Using an anti-blister is also one of the wonder-working high heel hacks. All you need to do here is deodorize your feet. Folks, it can work! Gel deodorant can decrease chaffing when applied underneath any bothersome straps or too-tight shoe backs.

It will stop your feet from sweating and from rubbing against your shoes. This kind of friction may make blisters unpleasant (and unattractive!).

Blister sticks are fantastic if you don’t use gel deodorant and want something more portable! They function similarly to deodorant. But they are simpler to use and carry around in your handbag.

5. Go For High-Quality Shoes

Wearing heels is significantly comfier when the material is of high quality. Such materials may include leather or even nice synthetic leather.

These high-quality shoes from original materials are one of the significant high heel hacks. Poor-quality materials like perspex (transparent material) are challenging to wear because they do not expand.

So before you buy a high heel, always examine the materials used for production. Also, you can use your hands to feel it. Additionally, while purchasing shoes online, read the description box to determine the material used for the heels.

6. Take A Break From Wearing High Heel Shoes

You read that right! We know you never expected this, but it’s one of the high heel hacks for comfort. Taking a break after wearing the shoes for two hours is crucial. During the break period, wear a flat or lower heel that is more comfortable. 

The essence of this is to make your feet relax again. By doing this, your feet won’t suffer. However, giving oneself a break from wearing heels might often backfire. This way, it could make you feel more unpleasant. If so, you might have worn highly high heels. Hence, you can always use this unique algorithm to determine your ideal heel height.

7. Use Cotton Balls To Fill Shoes

Use cotton balls to fill your heels if your shoes are too large and need to be fixed. It’s crucial that you place the cotton balls in the toe box of your shoes, which is the area where your toes sit.

Just be careful to use the right number of cotton balls. You don’t want your heels to feel too tight on your feet.

8. Neutralize The Smell In The Heels With Baking Soda

Baking soda is a common household item used for various things. Yet, it is among our list of high heel hacks. Every lady’s shoe is prone to smell. Especially if you wear them often, don’t cover the heels with liner socks, and have sweaty feet.

However, baking soda can cure this odor in your shoes. Just sprinkle a tablespoon of baking soda into your heel shoes and let it “simmer” for a day. And Voila! No more stinky pumps.

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9. Start Small And Build Up

If this is your first time walking in heels, don’t start with a 10 cm stilettos. It’s preferable to start low and work your way up as you grow more used to them.

Heels come in various styles, each with a particular height and form. Your ankles will get the power required to walk securely in higher heels by becoming used to walking in lower heels.

To maintain your balance, start with a broader heel rather than a small one. Because they provide greater support for your feet and ankles, closed shoes are also more comfortable when walking than open sandals.

Given that the heel is fused to the sole, wedges and platform shoes are the most comfortable high-top footwear to wear when walking. You feel more secure and comfortable as a result. If you desire the height of a high heel but aren’t quite ready for stilettos, this is a great option.

10. Walk Properly

This isn’t quite one of the high heel hacks, but…. As a lady, if you don’t work carefully, you might cause discomfort to your feet. Hence, the greatest advice we can give you on making heels not hurt is to walk in them properly. 

But as one may imagine, knowing how to walk in high heels correctly and comfortably is more complex. In addition, the idea of walking right may seem absurd. After all, you have been walking since you were a year old.

However, the basic cliché “putting one foot in front of the other” doesn’t work. This is because heels aren’t typically made with comfort in mind. So, learning to walk in heels involves a whole different walking technique!

Here are three recommendations on how to walk painlessly when wearing heels:

1. WalK Heel-Toe

This may appear absurd because most people walk from heel to toe. However, if you like to stamp rather than step, then this advice is for you!

The right way to walk in heels is to first put your heel down before moving forward and putting your toes down. It’s crucial to keep in mind that walking in high heels differs from walking in flats. You won’t lose balance while switching from your heel to any other region of your foot when wearing flats. You must walk with your heels on. Or you may stumble!

One of the high heel hacks that might make walking in stiletto heels easier is using heel caps. These are often worn to assist with walking on grass and paving stones in the heel.

Also, they serve to make walking simpler. Since they increase the surface area of your heels and protect your heel tips, they make your stilettos a lot less, well, stiletto-ey. And easy to walk in.

2. Take Small Steps

Let’s reserve the long strides for supermodels! One of the high heel hacks for comfortability is to take smaller steps. Why? This is because wearing heels makes your stride shorter.

Furthermore, smaller steps give you more control over your equilibrium. You may hardly fall, trip off, and injure your foot.

3. Posture, Posture, Posture!

Wearing heels alters your center of gravity, so bad posture is unacceptable. Always maintain an upright posture and keep your back straight while on heels for maximum comfort.

Think of your spine as the beginning of a string that extends to the top of your head. If you keep that string straight at all times, you’ll start walking like a pro.

Are High Heels Bad for You?

High heels increase your risk of ankle sprains, and high heels can also change how your foot and stride work. In addition, it may cause overextension in specific muscles while shortening others and discomfort in your knees, hips, and back, to name just a few issues.

Regularly wearing high heels may cause your first toe’s proximal joint ligament to sprain. And it’s not unusual for your Achilles tendon to thicken.

To avoid this issue, exercise everything from your toes to your knees daily! In addition, always invest in quality shoes. This cannot be overstated. Quality shoes from Brandzoos give great comfort and durability. 

Final Thoughts On High Heel Hacks

With these high heel hacks, we hope you can finally change your pair into a comfortable one. Better still, buy new comfortable high heels from Brandzoos! Your legs, feet, and back will appreciate it in the short- and long-term!

Please let us know what you think of these high heel hacks for comfort. Do you know any more high heel hacks to make your feet less painful? Let us know in the comments section below.

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