What To Look Out For When Buying A Shoe Online


Fashion is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

Buying a shoe online may feel like a touch-and-try experience. Some people prefer to spend hours wandering from store to store in a mall, looking for the ideal items for themselves. In contrast, others enjoy browsing the internet on their smartphones or desktop computers. 

If you prefer buying a shoe online, you have made a good choice. However, what happens if the shoes you buy don’t fit? What if they differ from what you ordered? Even if you follow the proper procedures, it might still happen. For this reason, it’s crucial to consider some factors before buying a shoe online. 

To avoid “what I ordered vs what I got,” here’s a guide you must follow when buying a shoe online. 

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Know The Shoe You Want

Some individuals visit an online store with the idea of “I need some shoes.” In fact, it is just a simple way to become lost in the maze of alternatives (and there are a lot of options). So, before buying a shoe online, you need to prepare ahead. 

Ask yourself the following questions; 

  • What kind of shoes would I love to have? 
  • What am I going to do with them? Is the shoe for an event, say a wedding ceremony, birthday bash, and so on.
  • Am I more concerned about comfort, function, or appearance? 

Answering these questions ahead of time can help you narrow down your search. In addition, it will limit the possibility of becoming sidetracked by something that does not suit you.

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Shop On Sites Where You Can Zoom The Images

One of the most challenging aspects of buying a shoe online is determining the quality and finish of the shoe. Choose merchants or vendors who upload clear pictures of the goods from various angles. Also, you should be able to zoom the images. So you will see the color and texture of the materials used, and how finely finished they are. 


When buying a shoe online, it’s crucial to keep your spending in mind. How much money are you willing to spend on new shoes? Establishing your budget can help you limit your alternatives. Plus, it will prevent you from overspending. 

It’s also worth mentioning that higher-quality shoes are frequently more expensive. You will definitely get the value for what you pay for!

Examine The “Total Cost” And Shipping Options


Finding great prices is one of the main reasons people prefer buying a shoe online. Deals, though, sometimes turn out to differ from what they appear. While some retailers offer low upfront prices, they overcharge for delivery. Thus, they cause you to pay more than you would in a real shop. 

Others offer free delivery, but it may take up to two weeks for your order to arrive. And most shoe buyers can’t wait that long. Therefore, to understand what you’re getting into, consider the shoe’s price and the expected delivery costs and time.

Examine The Store’s Return Policy

This is an essential factor to consider when buying a shoe online. 

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The following are the two most crucial sentences to pay close attention to;

Who pays for return shipping (you or the store)? And does the shop merely provide store credit or a complete refund?

Try another online store if the one you’re using has a better and more lucid return policy. Also, go for a better store if the ones you see have unclear or confusing phrases.

What’s Your Shoe Size?

How would you feel if you bought a pair of shoes online only to discover that they weren’t your size? It would be annoying.

In that case, your options are to return the item, sell it, or donate it to someone else. Hence, knowing your shoe size is crucial when buying a shoe online.

Remember that US, UK, and European shoe sizes vary. It depends on the nation from which you are buying a shoe. In addition, different shoe firms use various size charts. Some use one or two numerals, such as 8, 9, or 10, 38, 38, or 50.

Buy From A Trusted Online Store

Here is the most important tip to look out for when buying a shoe online. Trust is essential in any shop. But it is more vital online because the store gets the cash before the client gets the goods. Hence, examine the online store’s reputation carefully. 

Customer ratings and reviews may speak a lot about a customer’s experience. And an eCommerce store will frequently publicize if they have a good rating with the Better Business Bureau, Shopper Approved, and other organizations.

If possible, consider buying a shoe directly from shoe manufacturers. And if you subscribe to their list, they frequently offer you a discount.

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Read Online Reviews

Don’t reviews assist us all in making great purchase decisions? Want to prevent being duped? Examine the reviews! Do you want to discover the actual color of the shoes? Examine the reviews! Do you want to know if the size is right for you? Check out the reviews!!

And the best reviews are the ones that include the reviewers’ height or stature! This will give you a better idea of how the shoes will fit you. You may get a feeling of the shoes by reading customer reviews. For some styles, you will tell if you need to size up or down.

For example, if you are buying a shoe for winter or, say, hiking boots. See if others could wear thick socks with it. Also, by reading the reviews, confirm if they needed to go up a half size.


Here is another crucial factor to consider while buying a shoe from an online store. Do you want some leather shoes? Or do you prefer a canvas made with a unique form of leather? Do you want something customized or completely different?

Before you go shopping, consider the sort of material you desire. And you will be able to select the perfect pair of shoes just for you.

Find Pictures Of The Footwear Worn By Models

Often, the pictures of the shoe on a model’s leg help to determine its fit. This is particularly true if you are exploring with a fresh look. For instance, you will see how much toe cleavage a pair of heels exposes. Plus, you will know if the location of the ankle straps visibly lengthens or shortens the legs by looking at the model’s feet.

Try browsing elsewhere for pictures of the shoes if the ones you want aren’t accessible and they’re from a well-known brand. Different online stores show their products in many ways. And you may see a selection of photographs captured with different lighting or design.

Now for the final factor!

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Seek Help From Customer Service

What better method to gather first-hand knowledge than to contact the store’s frontline, sometimes known as customer service representatives?

Before buying a shoe online, make sure to ask any pertinent questions, such as;

  • Does the business accept size exchanges after concluding a transaction process? 
  • The return and refund rules; In the event that you do not feel comfortable wearing the shoes.
  • Weight, close-up photographs, and cutting, among other features of the shoes may not be published in the shop.
  • Additional information about the shoes. These may include weight, up-close photos, and cutting‌. As they may not be displayed in the product description.

Final Thoughts

Most of us always use internet shopping to escape the daily hustle and bustle. As a result, we at Brandzoos have worked hard to ensure your online shopping is an enjoyable experience.

That said, using these tips and factors will ease your stress when buying a new shoe online. Try it out, and you will be able to discover your ideal fit after all.

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