Buy Up and Down Wears For Ladies Available In Nigeria

Fashion is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

If you’re looking for where to buy up and down wears for ladies, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, we will go over the best up and down wears for ladies in Nigeria. Also, we will offer tips on how to style them because we recognize the importance of dresses in our society today. Now, we wear cloth at all times, irrespective of the event/occasion. 

Up And Down Wears For Ladies


Up-and-down clothes are common everyday dresses we see. As the name implies, they are dresses with a covering for the upper and down body parts. These clothes are available for both males and females. However, for the sake of this article, we’ll consider the up and down for ladies.

Often, these dresses come in two or sometimes three pieces. For instance, it may have a shirt/top and trousers. Or it may have a shirt/top and a short/skirt. Also, it could come in three pieces, such as a singlet, shirt, and trousers/skirt/shorts. Cool? 

Let’s get to today’s business. 

So you have a movie date; you need to start getting dressed! Choosing what to wear and how to give your best for a date night is a significant part of the enjoyment. Select an outfit that permits you to be comfortable while yet appearing put-together.

Such outfits may include trousers and a button-down tee or a beautiful gown. Also, you should clean up before going to the cinema by having a shower, wearing nice hair, and having your hygiene. 

That said, there are many celebrations to attend in Nigeria. Many people look forward to Christmas celebrations, the new year, festivals, thanksgiving dinners, Halloween parties, bonfire nights, picnics, birthday celebrations, naming ceremonies, promotions, backyard gatherings, engagements, wedding ceremonies, burials, and many more!

Depending on the year’s season, many people would want to wear their most attractive attire and look their best. Hence, this article. 

Now is the time to select the most crucial up and down wears for ladies. Continue scrolling until you find the up and down wears for ladies containing suitable options. Keep going!

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Matching Up And Down Wears For Ladies In Nigeria + Their Prices

The following are classic Up And Down wears for ladies and their market prices. 

1. D’s Classy Eloquent Ladies Up And Down


These attractive up-and-down wears are available in different sizes and colors. They are made of high-quality fabric, making them suitable for any occasion or trip. The gorgeous up and down is designed of high-quality materials and will meet your every need. 


  • Fashionable
  • High-quality material
  • Classy
  • Plain color
  • Unique
  • Fashionable

Shop here for #14,000 only

2. Beautiful Ladies 2pcs Set Up And Down Kimono


Brandzoos’ variety of trendy clothes, which covers everything from tops to dresses, shirts to skirts, jeans to bodysuits, is popular with women. Whatever your interests are, we have selected the most trendy and high-quality up-and-down wear for ladies worldwide for you to examine. And the above is just one of them.


  • Unique
  • Classic
  • Immeasurable
  • Lovely
  • Affordable

Shop from Brandzoos at an affordable price

3. Mesh Top And Skirt


You’ll love these mesh up-and-down wears for ladies. This is not a sizeable heavy clothing material. Instead, it is thin and light, but it has the feel of a tough material.

All parts of the dress, from the shoulders, elbows, back, and waistline, fit perfectly. Also, there allows plenty of airflows. The mesh up-and-down wear is both stylish and comfy. 


  • High quality
  • Available in different sizes
  • Classy
  • Flowered material

Buy the mesh top and skirt for just 8,000 now!

4. Ladies Up And Down Dress


Our primary focus for ladies is on contemporary ready-to-wear. We are committed to providing our clients with outstanding service.

Being noticed is more crucial than ever, and so is always looking your best. Dressing appropriately for our body type may boost our self-esteem and help us stand out in a crowd. Hence, the above is one of the up and down wears for ladies. 


  • Stretchy
  • Closed button down
  • Multicolor
  • Fit to your body kind

5. Fashionable Ladies Up And Down Short


This up-and-down is stylish and flexible. Also, it is made of high-quality fabric and comes in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. It is one of the best Up, and Down wears for ladies in Nigeria. The up and down shorts can be matched with a small purse bag, as seen in the picture above. 


  • Beautiful
  • Classy
  • Good quality
  • Flowered material
  • Unique
  • Fashionable

Though not available in our store, the price ranges from ₦ 7,000 to 10,000

Specifically, for our classy ladies – Shop for the most sophisticated corporate wears now. 

6. Turkey Two Pieces


This light and cozy blue multi-printed flared cotton top and palazzo will make you feel and look effortlessly stylish. This makes it ideal for every event, based on the need. Also, it is the trendiest style at the moment. So get one now!


  • Multi-printed 
  • Cotton material
  • One size fits all

Shop now at #13,500 only.

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7. Female 3 Pieces Up And Down Wears


This set of up-and-down wear comes in three pieces. It comprises a crop tank top, wide-leg palazzo, and a kimono. 


  • Beautiful
  • Fashionable
  • Good Quality
  • Unique
  • Classy

Shop now for ₦ 15,550 only

Up And Down Wears For Ladies: The Tops

1. Peplum Tops


These shirts are available in Ankara and other textiles. They come in various colors and styles and may quickly smooth out your body form!

2. The Cold-Shoulders Sleeves


These shirts are just stunning! These tops are very feminine and can be worn to almost any occasion!

3. Dramatic Sleeves And Off Shoulder Blouses


The most famous fashion in Nigeria right now is tops with expressive sleeves. You can’t get enough of the gorgeous off-shoulder Ankara tops with inflated long sleeves or designer tops with dramatic sleeves that make you appear as feminine as a lady!

4. Fitted T-Shirts


These cute and contemporary, comfy t-shirts with striking print features are trendy girls’ favorites, and today’s fashion designers are paying particular attention to this trend!

They are available in long or short sleeves and in various patterns to suit any trendy woman.

Buy affordable T-shirts from Brandzoos

5. Fringes


These clothes came in the 18th century to bring sensuality into our everyday lives!

Designers no longer limit themselves to adding fringes on the ends of dresses and skirts. Today, you can find fringes on various shirts, tops, and blouses that give an incredibly feminine style.

6. Crop Tops


Every female has many tops, and every girl owns at least one crop top. The top tube, for example, is pretty tight and is manufactured without straps, but the hunter top has controlled ties around the neck.

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Up And Down Wears For Ladies: The Skirts And Trousers


1. Pleated A-Line Skirts

This skirt features a small waistband that gradually spreads to the bottom. This skirt’s shape is often broader at the hemline than at the waistline. It is suitable for women who have large lower body regions.

2. Palazzo Pants

Designer palazzo pants are always a great choice because they are light, comfortable, and stylish. The more tailored models worn with a fitting shirt are ideal for the office, and they also look great with stilettos and pumps.

Buy affordable palazzo pants for #4,000

3. Midi Skirts


A gorgeous midi skirt is a must-have for a lady since it is one of the essentials that complement a wide range of clothing outfits.

4. Wide Trousers


There is no easier or more stylish way to update your outfit than with these trousers. There are so many excellent trousers models to choose from this season!

5. Pencil Skirts


Pencil skirts are adaptable and sensual and come in a wide range of incredibly trendy styles. And if you pair them with the proper fashion and accessories, you may convert your everyday outfit into a modern trendy one!

6. Low-Waist Trousers


Nowadays, low-waist pants are highly trendy.

These trousers are available in many forms and sizes, depending on hip and waist size. For females with a posh figure, there are ‘Orobos’ models, and for slender girls, there are ‘Lepacious’ trousers.

Low-waisted trousers may be worn to parties, lecture theatres, jams, hostel parties, and jams, and they subconsciously lead to temptation!

Having known the variations of up and down wears for ladies in Nigeria, you can now rock them‌. Rather than going for a two-piece or three-piece up and down, just pick a top and trousers listed above. Then style them uniquely.  Also, match them well with charming accessories

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Final Thoughts On Up And Down Wears For Ladies

Up and down wears for ladies come in different forms. They are elastic, silky, and comfy, making them easy to wear and ideal for everyday use. 

In Brandzoos, you can get beautiful and matching sets of women’s apparel! Visit Brandzoos and use the filters to search for women’s two-piece ups and downs for free! Shop from us today and get a fantastic shopping experience!

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